I regularly contact webmasters to alert them to grammar/spelling errors and broken links.

The following information is an excerpt from one of these emails, focusing on how to choose between the words ‘which’ and ‘that’.

Hey There …

I was referred to your site by ~~~~~ and think it’s great.

In reading the info about ~~~~~~ I found several typos and I’m guessing you aren’t a native English speaker.

In the text:


… there are several spelling mistakes:  ~~~~~~~.

You also used the word “which” three times and each time should have used “that”.

Don’t feel bad — many native speakers don’t know why they pick the right one but here is a quick primer:

  • “That” is used when the phrase is essential to the discussion and is never set apart with a comma.
  • “Which” is used when the phrase is parenthetical and it is usually set apart with a comma.

For example:

  • “She quietly opened the door that was green.”

‘That’ implies that she had a choice of doors and she deliberately chose the green one.

  • “She quietly opened the door, which was green.”

‘Which’ indicates that the door’s color was just an observation.  There may be one or many doors, we just don’t know.


I am not trying to be picky … All of this is just my offering to help support your mission.

Have a great day and keep up the good work!

~ Sunny (Renegade Grammarian)