A Hideous Sentence

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I ran across a hideous sentence recently:

I know you thought you heard what I said but I think you didn’t understand what I meant.

Try diagramming that one! *giggle*

Can anybody think of a better way to phrase it?

[I can’t.]

Proofing the Web

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I’m the sort of person who can’t avoid noticing spelling and grammar errors — They just shout out to me from the page/screen.  I know most folks lack this curse and can simply read along, overlooking any errors — but not me.

So, I drop notes to webmasters (example) to alert them to errors, explain the corrections, and point out any broken links.  Doing this redirects my annoyance, helps me stick to my principles (Be part of the solution.), and (I hope) improves the web.


‘Which’ Versus ‘That’

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I regularly contact webmasters to alert them to grammar/spelling errors and broken links.

The following information is an excerpt from one of these emails, focusing on how to choose between the words ‘which’ and ‘that’.


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